Majestic Bingo Limited


Majestic Bingo is the UK’s third largest operator of retail bingo. The company was formed in 2014 following two acquisitions and following a further purchase in spring 2016, now has a portfolio of 16 bingo clubs spanning from the North East to the South West.

From purpose built destination venues through to converted theatre/cinemas, the company’s brand values are firmly rooted in its diversity and is reflected in an estate which has its heart in the local community it serves.

Luke Johnson provided funding to enable an external management team to acquire an independent business in January 2014, developing a new brand in Majestic. In June 2014 the group funded further acquisition, more than doubling the size of the estate.

Why we invested:

  • Opportunity to acquire under-performing and under managed sites, backing a proven management team to professionalise operations
  • Scope to grow and transform retail businesses suffering from underinvestment
  • Opportunity to develop the existing offer to customers, including food and beverage

“The investment and commitment from Luke Johnson and the team has enabled us to stabilise, standardise and modernise the estate over the past two years, with strong results. On the back of a successful year of trading we are continuing to invest in and grow the business.”

Mark Jepp
Managing Director