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Development Capital

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Giraffe is a fast growing restaurant business with 45 sites across the UK. Giraffe provides family-friendly all day dining in a relaxed atmosphere with great customer service.

In 2004, when the group had seven restaurants, we provided funds to help accelerate a roll-out of the proven Giraffe concept of global cuisine and world music, initially in London and the South East.

Why we invested:

  • Opportunity to create a new national casual dining brand through accelerated site roll-out
  • All day casual dining is a growth market
  • Concept was already proven in seven London locations; we believed Giraffe could be a national concept


In March 2013 Tesco acquired the business with RCP generating an 8 x multiple on its investment.

“They gave us the confidence to go for more ‘destinational’ and strategic sites… this was transformational for the business.”

Andrew Jacobs